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Choosing a Clinic

If you’re thinking about fertility treatment, choosing a clinic or specialist can be challenging. Fertility treatment is a multifaceted process and often requires an understanding of complex procedures, statistics and terminology. It helps to know what you’re looking for and what questions you should ask before choosing a clinic.

Iolanda has worked in a number of Perth IVF clinics and can give you information about the costs, services offered, qualified specialists and success rates for most clinics.
Success rate itself is not a reliable guide between clinics because some excellent clinics accept very difficult cases.

There are a number of clinics in Perth offering fertility treatment and no single clinic is going to be the best for everyone. It is advisable to get information from several clinics to make a comparison of the services they offer and to decide which best meets your needs.

There are also practical questions to take into account, including the costs involved, the length of the clinic’s waiting list and the travelling that may be involved.

It is useful therefore to decide which factors are the most important to you, make a list of priorities, and base your decision on these. Many people also find it helpful to prepare a list of questions to ask when they approach a clinic. You should feel free to ask the clinic any question which you consider important.

Most people will want to know that they will feel comfortable in the clinic and with the clinic’s staff. It should be possible for you to visit clinics and talk to their staff to get a feel for the way they manage the whole treatment process. You should feel quite free to decide against a clinic.

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